About us

SYNAMATIC SOURCING  is a family-owned buying agent and small range of production facility founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh,  in 2010 by Habib and son.

Throughout the past 7  years, SYNAMATIC SOURCING has been characterized by good quality at the right price and our philosophy has always been  “ QUALITY CAN MEET THE TARGET“. This is also true today.

We are humble and together we work hard. We base our co-operation on trust, partnership and honesty. We treat all people as individuals but we think and act as a team. Therefore we succeed.

The backbone of SYNAMATIC SOURCING is our family feeling. We help each other and have unlimited faith in our executives team . We show our identity in the good examples we set for one another. We are proud of our heritage. It is both our link to the past and the foundation of our future.

Top 5 Works

  • Polo Shirt
    Polo Shirt
  • Male Jeans Pant
    Male Jeans Pant
  • Long sleeve Shirt
    Long sleeve Shirt
  • T-shirt
  • Female Jeans.
    Female Jeans.